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Explore Midtown

Plan the Perfect Tour of Manhattan’s Best Spots

Well, you’re here. Now what?

Deciding what to do in New York City, or where to even start, can be a challenge. From the Old-World magnificence and superstar restaurants of the Upper East Side to the cobblestone non-conformity of the West Village, it’s easy to lose one’s bearings.

Our advice? Don’t try to do it all. Settle on two or three “must sees:” the Empire State Building, Times Square and Broadway, if you haven’t had the pleasure yet. Then, throw away the guidebook and leave yourself open to unplanned adventures. While the iconic Manhattan sights will always be the draw, it’s the accidental finds you stumble upon – a great sushi and sake joint near the New York Public Library, maybe – that deepen your connection to the city.

To help you plan your NYC adventure, our front desk staff has put together a list of midtown things to see, do and experience.

The Empire State Building

Experience all midtown Manhattan has to offer